Monday, August 29, 2005

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Michael Jay's letter to the Cabinet Secretary

The news or gossip this morning is of a reinvigorated Blair returning to press ahead with a Blairite future.

Even with the new leaked evidence that he is still lying to us about Iraq and the Muslim world, he is allowed to drive on.

I have linked this blog to one top civil servant's letter to the head of the civil service spelling out just how clear the link is between our middle east policy and of "the burden of the perceived injustices and of the responsibility for putting them right, but without the legitimate tools to do so," which has fallen on young British Muslims.

It also speaks of the "ummah", a supra national one world of muslims, where British Muslims identify with the abuse and injustice heaped upon Muslims in the middle east and especially Iraq, by the crusader countries.

This morning we also heard from Salman Rushdie on Today confronting the extremism of so-called moderate Muslim leaders.

On the human rights front, the battle continues to release more photos of far worse atrocities committed by Americans in Iraq.

It could not be more clear to a young British Muslims that Christians are desecrating their religion in the name of freedom and democracy.

I have no time for Muslim or Christian beliefs as such. Almost all forms of exoteric religion generate conflict and intollerance between members of the human community. They bring war, not peace.

The future of humanity can only be assured when people collectively turn away from appeals to religious truth and certainty revealed from an external authority beyond argument.