Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sky News : Ken Calls For Iraq Withdrawal To Stop Terror

"'The reason the US is not able to stabilise Iraq is related to the same critical issue that affects policing in Britain: information.'

He said Britain's police forces would only be effective if they receive community co-operation.

The mayor urged fellow anti-war campaigners to tell London's communities to cooperate with police to catch terrorists.

However, 'the quality of information the police get will be decisively affected by the degree to which communities are treated with respect', he added."

I am a fan of Ken Livingstone. He seems to get it pretty much right, unlike his political master, Mr Blair.

Intelligence is the name of the game. Unfortunatley Mr blair remains convinced that the public has little of it. He continues to tell us black is white or at least Asian.

As we know with ever more intelligence as in real information coming through from the leaks in his administration, he had little to no real intelligence about Iraq. In fact the intelligence he had was not inaccurate. He just decided to make it into something it never was.

The days and weeks will go by now as London trembles for the next attack.

The questions will go on mounting, Mr Blair, about why we invaded Iraq, and why we need to stay there.

We would not settle for foreign invaders staying here, would we,

Except the Americans have been here for a very long time now.

We don't need them. It is time for them to go home too.