Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Terrorism, Islam, reform: thinking the unthinkable Maruf Khwaja - openDemocracy

"Unreformed Islam’s relationship to the Muslim world is equivalent to pre-Reformation Christianity in Europe. The Reformation allowed the west to liberate itself from religious thinking and set free forces of progress; meanwhile, Islamic empires shrank into their shell, refusing reality, rejecting change and resisting “infidel” knowledge. Stupefied by ignorance, they submitted to western conquerors with scarcely a whimper. If today’s Muslim bomb-throwers want someone to blame for their mindless rage, they should look at their own ancestors."

Well, that's the Catholics knocked out of the equation then!
This is an interesting argument all the same. It comments that the only person bidding to be Pope among the Moslems is Mr Binladen.

What very few reports tell us is just what a high proportion of Moslems have sympathy for that personage.

This article also attacks one of the sects that actually dominates the teaching of Islam in much of Britain. Dangerous stuff indeed.

The news this morning is full of the rage that ordinary moslems are now feeling against Blair and his minions for unleashing his namesake pitbull headsmasher.

Can passionate humanists offer any hope?

Several people have joined the e-group.

We need more.

If the future is going to be based on books written in the desert for desert tribes we will all be back in a desert soon.

We need to find something of truth of now for survival.


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