Friday, August 05, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Blair vows hard line on fanatics

"The prime minister said he was prepared to amend human rights laws to make deportations more straightforward.

But civil rights group Liberty said his plans attacked key human rights and would jeopardise national unity.

National unity?

Director Shami Chakrabarti said: 'It seems he no longer has much truck for fundamental human rights at all.

'He's talking quite actively about deporting people to face torture around the world - that is completely unacceptable and plays into the hands of terrorists.'"

The BBC calls it a hard line on terror.
To many of us it is just the next step in the destruction of our Human Rights.

It makes me so angry to hear New Laboutr and Tories alike bleating about the terrorists disliking our western values. It is straight out of 1984.

Our politicians are undermining and destroying those values in the name of the values of eastern despots, security.

You might have opposed Saddam, but he really delivered on security.

We are happily creating police death squads on the models of countries like Israel, unequivocally led by a war criminal and butcher, in the name of security.

It really makes me come close to vomiting.