Friday, August 05, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Galloway defends 'martyrs' remark

"'The people stirring up hatred for our troops are those who put them in Iraq, not the likes of us who want to bring them home to their families.

'The people who put our troops at risk are the people who put them abroad.'"

I cannot find in this report or in the Today programme this morning any statement by George Galloway that bombers or insurgents are martyrs. But that is the press he gets.

Liam Fox is allowed to call him sad and twisted without reply.
Galloway says Al Quaida came out of the first Gulf War and Fox attacks this as proof it is a bad thing after the invasion of Kuwait.

I am puzzled by this weakness, the only one in Galloway's otherwise accurate assessment of the situation.

Binladen was angered by the Americans desecration of the Holy Ground of Saudi in that conflict which led to the Americans being kicked out.

But my impression is that Al Quaida owes its rise to the support of it's campaign against the Russians in Afghanisatan at a much earlier date.

Saddam and Alquaida are lap dogs of Uncle Sam who turned nasty on him. But he trained them to fight wars for him.

When you create weapons of mass destruction they are likely to blow up on you, as the American veterans will tell you as they suffer from the poison of Depleted Uranium now visited on their children.