Wednesday, July 27, 2005

BBC NEWS | Americas | New name for 'war on terror' Neo colonialism is the new name of the game

I believe we need a society of passionate humanists prepared to confront
the extremists of both religions with rational values

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We can build a platform for debating values to unite and transcend the
bigotry of revealed religion.

Today there is a new name for 'war on terror': Yes, it is neo-colonialism

"Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld spoke in the new language on Friday,
praising a retiring Navy officer who had served as 'our country wages the
global struggle against the enemies of freedom, the enemies of civilization'."

Private enterprise is to be added to diplomacy in the war on terror.
Is this referring to private security death squads or to corporate pirates
with their economic slavery, or both.

What is needed is a society of passionate humanists ready to confront both
the neo-conservative evangelical crusaders like Blair and Bush as well as
the Muslim Fundamentalists with their Jihad.

Mc-culture is not civilisation any more than young men killing themselves
in hope of 72 virgins to serve them in an after life is civilisation.

As for the friends of Liberty and Freedom, Muslims are no threat to the
statue of Liberty in New York. It is the Bush administration who closed it

It is Bush who has created a Patriot Act which erodes freedom.
It is Blair whose anti terror legislation is destroying what remains of the
pillars of our democracy.

We won't let them change our way of life! What utter hypocrisy. Mr Blair,
you are radically changing the values of our civilisation with your wars of
aggression and your restrictions on our freedom to live our lives without
constraints and severe restrictions. I have never seen you as rattled as
you were on television yesterday. Your chickens are coming home to roost
now, Mr Blair.

It is perhaps no surprise that Mr Blair's own wife has spoken out this
morning about the attacks on civil liberties that her husband is bringing
forward. It is no surprise your daughter is depressed abd your loutish son
knocks down a cyclist on his way to collect his degree. Let us hope that
this house divided against itself will not stand much longer. But I have
more support for them than I do for the politicians who are busy cosying up
to each other instead of facing up to the ideological debate we need to
have about values in our society.

Our politicians no longer stand for vaues other than short term marketing
and management of the details. History is not over. Capitalism has not
triumphed and must not triumph or there will be no future for the planet.

The claim is that Iraq is proceding towards freedom and democracy.

Very funny. In a country that was successfully secular and with a great
deal of freedom for women, we have a situation developing where a woman's
voice will soon be measured as worth half that of a man in law.

It seems that the world is fast going beyond the values of freedom and
dignity to a state where we are controlled by marketeers in the west and
mullahs in Muslim countries

May your Dog go with you.