Sunday, July 24, 2005

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iraq's descent into bombing quagmire

"I visit Baghdad at least four times a year, to see how things are developing. Since the fall of Saddam in May 2003, and the capture of Baghdad, after which major operations were declared over, I have been here eleven times.

Each time the security situation has been markedly worse than the time before.

'Endless' bombers

Briefly, after the election in January, which brought an Iraqi government to power, things seemed to improve; then, after some weeks of fewer bombs and fewer deaths, the level of attacks rose again.

Now it is higher than it has been at any time since May 2003. The supply of suicide bombers seems endless."

While Donald Rumpsfeld briefs the Pentagon how things are getting better in Iraq, John Snow updates us on the true situation from his latest trip to Iraq.

There are also more sane forces at work among the Americans calling the Bremmer administration the "illusionists".

Meanwhile we have unleashed our own specially trained death squads on innocent bystanders in London, using more of that wonderful intelligence we have all grown to rely on with unwavering confidence.