Friday, July 08, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | G8 protests: UK panellist's video diary

I was very pleased to see this BBC account of a young Oxford man on the march in Edinburgh on Saturday.

He was there at the start at 11.00 but did not move off the meadows till 3.00

Our experience was similar in that a bifg crowd was assembled and still not moving off at 2.30

It was interersting to note that the circle had been made into a white ring by lunch time.

As yet I have not seen a single photo of that ring.

I call that poor coverage of the event.

It seems that the event Geldof wanted us to attend was not Saturday but Wednesday.

I feel a fool for not having established that. I was inclined to think we had come to the wrong event. Advertised as familt friendly it was too noisy and scary for little J.

We did not stay to march round Edinburgh, and never even found the exit onto the march route.

At least we joined in with the protestors for a couple of hours watched the big screens for encouragement and speeches.

The children enjoyed the festival spirit and the holiday time in Scotland.

I am still revcovering from the exhaustion of getting us there and back, camping in a cloud of midges.