Thursday, July 14, 2005

Our policemen are wonderful

Gleneagles may not have done enough to please everyone, but for once I am happy to offer praises to Tony Blair. He managed something for Africa and he persuaded George W Bush that the world's climate needs urgent attention. Giving it that attention is something Bush is not committted to doing however. So it is half a cheer for Mr Blair and one doomed planet.

But was it really Mr Blair who did the impossible, making George pause for thought?

I put it down to Mr Bush's arrest by a security policeman.

Yes one of our noble defendors managed to block the path of the small mad monkey peddling through the grounds of the hotel effectively enough to knock him off his bike. He was later treated in hospital. Mr Bush seems to have his faculties unaffected....

and yet ... and yet ..... he accepted something the rest of the world has long known to be true.

So I say that our policemen are wonderful. They stopped a runaway despotic mad tyrant in his tracks, if only for a moment .