Thursday, July 14, 2005

:: :: An Iraqi woman responds to the London bombings

"The Prime Minister of your country, Tony Blair, said that those who carried out the explosions did so in the name of Islam. The Secretary of State of the United States, Condaleezza Rice, described the bombings as an act of barbarism. The United Nations Security Council met and unanimously condemned the event.

I would like to ask you, the free British people, to allow me to inquire: in whose name was our country blockaded for 12 years? In whose name were our cities bombed using internationally prohibited weapons? In whose name did the British army kill Iraqis and torture them? Was that in your name? Or in the name of religion? Or humanity? Or freedom? Or democracy?"

This comment comes from a Muslim group's web site. I have no sympathy for their Islamic agenda at all. They are at least as big a problem for humanity as the evangelical Christians.

But this is the voice of balance. It holds up a mirror to the barbarity of our leaders and their soldiers, on a day where an American General accepted humiliating and degrading treatment of the captives in American custody but would not censure the commanders who allowed it.