Monday, July 04, 2005

mparent7777: UK MP George Galloway Calls for Bush, Blair, Koizumi, and Berlusconi to Stand Trial:Video/Transcript

We are back from an 860 mile round trip to Edinburgh to be part of the campaign to make piverty history.

If it was me without the children I would have been with the anti war protesters who are challengingthe G8 more directly.

It was all too loud and disturbing for little J. We were marched into a corner and were stuck there for too long next to a big drum.

However, We had a great time travelling and seeing the colourful protesters and the beautiful countryside.

But was it justifiable?

Will we want to tell our grandchildren we were there?

I doubt it. the G8 will probably ignore us as they did the anti war marches. The pop stars got all the coverage. Why was Geldof not in Edinburgh.
It was amazing how quiet it was driving into Edinburgh. No traffic jams. Only the march itself got clogged up and disfunctional.
There were no stewards visible anywhere. Lots of different groups with their own separate agendas.

We missed George Galloway speaking in the Edinburgh Meadows, so here is some of him for you to consider.

UK MP George Galloway Calls for Bush, Blair, Koizumi, and Berlusconi to Stand Trial:Video/Transcript: "Bush, and Blair, and the prime minister of Japan, and Berlusconi, these people are criminals, and they are responsible for mass murder in the world, for the war, and for the occupation, through their support for Israel, and through their support for a globalized capitalist economic system, which is the biggest killer the world has ever known. It has killed far more people than Adolph Hitler. It has killed far more people than George Bush. The economic system which these people support, which leaves most of the people in the world hungry, and without clean water to drink. So we're going to put them on trial, the leaders, when they come. They think they're coming for a holiday in a beautiful country called Scotland; in fact, they're coming to their trial."