Thursday, May 12, 2005

"When you gotta go, oh you betta go now go now go now." Moody Blues/reds

Blair defies calls to quit from party - Yahoo! UK & Ireland News: "Blair, once the party's biggest electoral asset, gave no hint as to when he would stand aside, saying only he understood the need for a 'stable and orderly transition'.
This was not enough for some of his party.
'We need him to tell us when he's stepping down and how he's going to do it ... he's opened up the Pandora's box of his stepping down,' Labour's Glenda Jackson said after the meeting. 'I made it clear he was the vote loser in my constituency.'
Another lawmaker said Blair was 'in denial' about being unpopular and had told him he should go."

Glenda Jackson told Blair she was fighting him in Hampstead not the Tories!

The Today Programme kept up presssure with Prescott.

My feeling is that the journalists think they can make it happen just by keeping on about it.

Blair has just been elected. He won't listen. He hasn't learned, and he will only go kicking and screaming.

I hope I am wrong.