Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stop the Crime of the Century

This article is asking why the New York times and the Washington Post don't run the British memo that exposes the Bush conspiracy to invade Iraq.

The sad truth is that the elite consensus accepts this behaviour. We needed to ensure the oil supply.

I have been talking to David Wasdell, this morning, who has been a consultant to a number of global governance organisations. He points out that the world is fast running short of resources of all kinds. Many people, not just the Bush administration, are being triggered into a frenzy of greedy consumption faced by the prospect of the taps running dry.

This recapitulates many babies experience of panic as their increasing size presssurises the placenta and reduces their nutrition supply further.

Babies are rescued by going through birth. Feeding can switch to the mouth and nose. their is an outside supply of food and oxygen.

We dont have a new bigger planet to move onto.

The next transition for those of us that are born is death.

So eat drink and be merry, folks, tomorrow we die.

But before we die the American army will probably arrive to steal what is left of our resources. Why else is it getting bigger when there is no other power that can oppose them at the moment?

"Think about that for a second. Apart from 9/11, has there been a more important story in the last decade than that the president lied to the American people about the reasons for invading Iraq, and then proceeded to plunge the country into an illegal war which has alienated the rest of the world, lit a fire under the war's victims and the Islamic world generally, turning them into enemy combatants, locked up virtually all American land forces in a war without end in sight, cost $300 billion and counting, taken over 1600 American lives on top of more than 15,000 gravely wounded, and killed perhaps 100,000 Iraqis? "