Sunday, May 22, 2005

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | PM attacks yob culture and pledges to help bring back respect

This is the first of a series of articles on respect.

It takes a lead from Mr Blair's wish to make his last period of power on this concept.

"Mr Blair coupled a personal endorsement of a shopping centre's decision to ban the wearing of threatening hoods by teenage boys with a renewed willingness to blame voters' own shortcomings as parents.
Musing on the 'deep-seated causes' of children growing up without proper discipline, the prime minister told reporters at his monthly press conference: 'I can start a debate on this and I can legislate but what I can't do is, I can't raise someone's children for them.'"

What would the country be like if you had parented all our children, Mr Blair?

Your son seems to be one of the yobs we need to be afraid of. He goes out binge drinking as do many students in Bristol. Not so many fall down in the street and get beaten up as he is reported as doing, however.

You kept it out of the news, Mr Blair; but the underground press suggests your daughter Katherine tried to kill herself around the time you were taking us off to fight an illegal war. It is reported that that is the reason you nearly resigned. We can only speculate that she was unhappy at Daddy being a war criminal.

We should not defer to you, Mr Blair. We cannot respect you. You lied about the reasons for going to war. You sent people to their deaths for no good reason. You authorised mass killings of foreign civilians by cluster bombs in civilian areas.

You have brought up unhappy, disturbed, and poorly behaved children.

You set an example to young people of disrespect for law, for honesty, for shared decision making. You have been a tyrant Mr Blair and have set an example of unsanctioned international violence.

How can we be surprised when people go out into the streets and attack other people, breaking the law, and committing acts of violence for no reason.

No wonder your back is breaking Mr Blair. You cannot go on carrying the burden of such terrible responsibility.

Mr Blair, we do not want you to raise our children for us. You cannot even raise your own well.

Stop intruding in our lives. We want less of your interventions at home and abroad.

Permit us to be responsible for our own parenting.

We don't want your tyranny, and we don't want your appointed petty tyrants to run our schools and set our parenting parameters for us.

One voter in five supporting your party gives you no kind of mandate to interfere more with our lives.

Give us proportional representation. Give us real democracy.

Then go, Mr Blair. Just go.