Thursday, May 19, 2005

Brit fries senators in oil

The Independent has a good piece on galloways American stopover.
It seems the media, where it stood up and took notice at all has observed the American senators given a drubbing.

Theyw ere very foolish to try to cover their own national sins in the oil for food scandal by trying to dump on George galloway.

"'Brit Fries Senators in Oil' was the headline on a news story that noted the 'stunning audacity' of Mr Galloway's performance, how he had caught Mr Coleman and his colleagues 'flatfooted' (only one of whom was left when the chairman brought the embarrassment to an end).
A brief perusal of the US press suggests that the Post's Andrea Peyser was also the only columnist to weigh in. As might be expected, she excoriated Mr Galloway as a thug and a bully, 'a lefty lackey for butchers'. Mr Coleman and his subcommittee had let the side down, she wrote. 'Our Senators did not pipe up. Rather, they assumed the look of frightened little boys, caught with their pants around their ankles, nervously awaiting punishment.' She concluded: 'It's time to take the gloves off, senators. Kick this viper where it hurts.'"