Thursday, May 26, 2005

911 law suit against Bush.

Below I quote from a law suit against Bush from a 911 survivor.

It becomes ever clearer that 911 was an inside job.

What I want to know now is whether Blair was in on it too.

In England right now we are facing the first bill of the new parliament, the most oppositional of all bills, the bill to inflict identity cards on us all.

It is all a part of the price we are paying for the 911 conspiracy, on a day when the official National security threat actually went down.

reopen 911 comes to town in London this Friday. We will be going.

"The blanket of “national security” does not cover criminal complicity in the murder of 3,000 people, most of them American citizens, on American soil, to advance an agenda of warmaking and “Patriot Act” type repressive legislation, warrantless searches, a national ID card, and other such erosions of Constitutional liberty at home.
This is not a negligence action. What Rodriguez alleges, in the alternative, is that either: (A) many of the defendants, as well as persons not known to Rodriguez, were actively complicit in the sponsorship, planning and execution of the 9-11 attacks; or (B) defendants — if not actively complicit in carrying out the attacks — had knowledge that the attacks were impending, which knowledge was sufficient for defendants to take counter-measures to prevent the attacks, but they failed to do so, not by reason of mere negligence, confusion, or ineptitude, but because they affirmatively desired such attacks to occur.
That certain of the defendants, at present occupying prominent and influential positions in the Bush II Administration, believed a “catastrophic and catalyzing event — such as a new Pearl Harbor” to be in the national interest is a matter of public record. "