Sunday, May 29, 2005

How the Mighty Hath Fallen (

In this article we see the history of American military expansionism and imperial aggression. But the U.S. is struggling to hold Iraq. It is bleeding heavily financially. But the fourth estate is pathetic in failing to hold up a mirror to all this.
Where would we be without the internet blogger?

"Short of a few exceptions, like Bill Moyers, the mainstream media has forsaken their duty as the Fourth Estate. Rather than informing the American people of the truth about our corrupt and malevolent government, they bow to the pressure of their corporate masters and feed us versions of the truth that withhold details and present criminal act by our government in a benign manner. A British Member of Parliament recently showed the guts to openly challenge several of our venal Senators ( When will our own elected representatives and members of the press show that kind of spine? Perchance most of them have simply sold out and become party to the 'Dark Side' of our national identity.

The Bush administration has demonstrated its commitment to making the Twenty First Century the 'American Century'. However, the reality is that the invasion of a small country like Iraq has stretched our military to its limits. After two years of US military occupation, Iraq is still in a state of chaos, and many Iraqis want our military to withdraw. The sun is setting on the 'American Empire' as Bush and his people desperately struggle to fan the dying embers and rekindle the flames. There are multiple countries with nuclear capabilities. China wields a great deal of economic power over the United States as it continues to parlay its colossal trade surplus into an opportunity to finance a large portion of the US debt. Terrorist acts, over-dependence on credit, and weaker nations with nuclear capabilities are proving to be the David to our Goliath. Redefining the term 'debtor nation' with a $7.5 trillion national debt, America is bleeding red ink. The failing effort in Iraq is costing billions of dollars that this country does not have. America's dominance "