Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Why won't they talk about the environment?

Comment: "Election campaigns seldom give much space to environmental matters; governments need strengthening in their commitments and need electoral incentives to be involved in the sort of internationally agreed aspirations But it is because the ecological agenda is always going to be vulnerable to the pressure of other more apparently 'immediate' issues that it cannot be left to electoral politics alone. We still need a steady background of awareness and small-scale committed action, nourished by some kind of coherent vision." Rowan Williams.

Rowan is in election news again, bemoaning the lack of emphasis on the environment in the election. The Independent has been giving this topic major coverage.

The truth is that the environment is the most important area of choice we have. I was part of a conversation with David Cameron, the Tory Policy Co-ordinator, and the local MP for Rowan and I, where he made it pretty clear that the vote of the (selfish) motorist was more important than success in lowering CO2 emissions, even if he did not actually say so. The Tory manifesto is very very weak on environmental issues. While the Church of England may no longer be the Tory Party at prayer, I do not share Rowan's hope that his religion will lead us to a sustainable world. To walk alaong the roads of west Oxfordshire is to witness an attitude to our world which is hopeless and utterly deplorable. Every step of the way there is rubbish dropped from cars. people are like unborn babies. They think they can pour their waste out of the car window like it was the umbilicus back into mother. Stipendia peccati mors est. The wages of sin is death. If we don't change our attitudes we are all dead on this planet. There will be no planet for our grand children.

The Anglicans might be giving thought to homosexuality as an antidote to population growth, instead of a crime against humanity.

Keeping them all in the same heap seems a less important priority for these religious people than that of moving from the tradiional Christian attitude of treating the earth and all that is in it as something given to humans to exploit.

The horrendous way we treat animals is largely founded on Christian morality.

On Today this morning we had Catholics talking about holding sacred truth inside a space under attack from the outside. Yes. If you are determined to stay unborn you will feel under attack. Mother Earth cannot get any bigger with this ever growing baby.

Never mind giving people second birth. Let's have a first birth!


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