Saturday, April 23, 2005

Peter Popham pans the Pope

News: "Pope 'ignored sex abuse claim against John Paul's friend'
By Peter Popham in Rome"

It looks as if the new Pope kept the lid on ahomosexual abuse scandal by a friend of the Polish Pope hushed up for 7 years.

I wonder if my readers saw the research ionto Roman Catholic seminaries.
It appears that adolescent homosexuality is as far as psychosexual development usually gets for the Catholic Priest.

It may often be that way.

It does not have to be though. I learned a great deal from my friend and colleague as a therapist, who was a lifelong celibate.

Maybe she learned it working with Ronnie Laing.

I did not learn enough about sexuality from training as a pastoral counsellor.
The Westminster pastoral Foundation could not really cope with that in the nineteen seventies.


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