Sunday, April 24, 2005

Beast of Burford sighted

G and I were out running 2 days ago near the quarry.

Suddenly a large black panther-like cat sprang out and dashed rapidly away.

It bore no resemblance to the pasty white David Cameron but there was some resemblance to the labour party candidate, who also appeared, but surrounded by his handlers, outside Londis the next day.

"Mr Blair is a good communicator and I really like Mr Brown," he said diplomatically.

We rang the wild life park who are offering a reward. There have been lots of sightings round west Oxfordshire.

We are quite certain it was not an attack dog, or any kind of dog, though both major parties have been accused of settings those free in the countryside.

Peter Hain has been the ugliest beast on the airwaves, since he accused the Tories of having mongrel attack dogs. Only true blue attack dogs for New Labour.

We wondered if we should inform the police about this, since babies might be at risk of being mauled.


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