Thursday, April 28, 2005

Collapsing discipline in schools. Blair is to blame.

Much is being written about the collapse of discipline in schools and the invidious situation of teachers faced with unruly pupils supported by anti-authoritarian parents.

The sad truth is that the modern school teacher, and especially the head teacher, is the representative of an education authority: the English Government, which is criminally corrupt.

I recall the many pupils who surged out of schools and colleges in Oxford and London to support us as we formed a People's Parliament and marched against this horrendous war crime, this murderous adventure into Iraq.

Mr Blair wants us to forget his sins and think of the future of education. If we re-elect Blair and the Opus Dei-fied Ruth Kelly, we will have to put up with an even tighter stranglehold on education of a National Curriculum that has already failed our children. We will also have have to put up with an ever greater intrusion of the state into the lives of parents.

No wonder parents and children are in revolt.

Set us an example of respect for the truth, and direct honest clear communication, Mr Blair.
No more plagiarising student theses. No more lies and spin.

It is not the footballers' foul mouths we need to worry about affecting our children. It is political leaders who are war criminals, too powerful to be brought to justice.


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