Wednesday, June 01, 2005

'Tank Girl' Army Accused of Torture

The Brits are arming the women of Iran to start a revolution against the Mullahs?! What a story for the Guardian. Pity about the use of torture, but I expect it is just "torture light"; the feminine touch and all that.
Once was a time we were busy arming Mr Saddam Hissein to go gas the Mullahs. Those Mullahs must be real bad guys. I guess they are just not good Christians. Is this more evidence of the Blair Government's born-again nature?

"'Tank Girl' Army Accused of Torture
Guardian and Human Rights Watch find evidence of abuse by Iranian revolutionaries under US protection

by David Leigh in Nijmegen, Netherlands

A bizarre revolutionary army supported by British politicians who want more 'regime change' in the Middle East, has been accused of torture and brainwashing.
Evidence obtained by the Guardian backs a report by Human Rights Watch. This makes detailed accusations of abuse, including deaths under interrogation, against the 'People's Mujahideen' of Iran (MKO).
The Mujahideen are a 4000-strong anti-Iranian dissident army, currently under US protection in a camp in Iraq. They have a vociferous public relations campaign in Britain and the backing of some Washington neo-conservatives.
The group, known as the 'tank girls' because of the preponderance of women in its ranks, has also won the support of the Daily Telegraph, which wants it to help overthrow the mullahs in Tehran. It says in a leader: 'We should back the main resistance group, the People's Mujahideen ... Give them the tools and they will finish the job'. "