Thursday, June 02, 2005

Crime against humanity

The strongest motivation for my writing Blairy England has continued to be this country's use of depleted uranium as a tool of wars against people on this planet. It was the pictures of what this stuff is doing to the unborn children of Earth that made this writing more important than novels, plays or poetry. But it is taking a very long time for the message to start to penetrate; unlike the DU, which penetrates humans like it was oxygen, even though the victims include the wests own troops and their unborn children. One study claims 67% of U.S. veterans have had children with birth defects after Gulf War 1.

"But the worst horrors for our soldiers--and for children here at home--may be yet to come. I have never read a more chilling account than the Texas Iconoclast’s interview this week with Lauren Moret, a world-renown scientific expert on depleted uranium. How can a leader who touts “family values” force our soldiers and their families to suffer such unspeakable nightmares as these?

Moret tells of teenage women soldiers returning from Iraq with uterine cancer and male soldiers with rectal cancer, caused by sitting on crates of depleted uranium weapons in their fighting vehicles. She warns of birth defects likely to occur in children of these soldiers, based on Gulf War vets who fathered children born with missing limbs, brains, and eyes. Depleted uranium in our atmosphere is contaminating every portion of our planet. Left unchecked, Moret predicts grimly, “It’s going to kill off the world’s population.”