Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Lone Star Iconoclast Online

The U.S. Britain and Israel have used these Depleted Uranium weapons of mass destruction. Other counties have been sold them.

It should be headlines everywhere. But it stays a dirty big secret.

"ICONOCLAST: Essentially then, you�re saying that we�re conducting a nuclear war.

MORET: Yes, and that�s exactly what it is. We�ve conducted four nuclear wars since 1991. Yeah, these are nuclear wars. DU is a nuclear weapon.

ICONOCLAST: From the point of view of a scientist, what needs to happen to correct this?

MORET: Well, we need to stop the use of it. We�ve built an international movement to stop the use, the manufacture, the storage, the sales, and the deployment of depleted uranium weapons.

ICONOCLAST: Are the munitions we sell to other countries contained with depleted uranium?

MORET: We have. In 1968 the first depleted uranium weapons systems that we found a patent for suddenly appeared in the U.S. patent office. It was for the Navy. It was sort of a Gatling gun style weapon system that you mounted on ships. It rapidly fires like 2,500 bullets a minute. It�s over 3,000 now. They�ve improved the design. Then in 1973, we gave depleted uranium weapons systems to the Israelis and supervised their use. They used them in the Arab-Israeli war and completely wiped out the Arabs in five days. Then the show was on the road. That was the first actual battlefield demonstration of this new weapon system.
Hughes Aircraft developed the full-length system which is for the Navy. That�s the Gatling gun system. They still use it. That was produced in 1974 and tested. Within six months the U.S. government had sold the DU weapons system to 12 entities which included many branches of the U.S. military and other counties. We�ve sold DU weapons systems to about � we don�t know exactly for sure � it�s been about 12 or 17 countries. The good news is that normally such a weapons system that effective would have been sold to 80, 100, or 120 countries by now. But because"