Saturday, June 18, 2005

Liberty Belle Log.Downing Street Cover up reaches critical mass

I am copying this Liberty Belle Log in full as I believe it is a very important document.
I think it demonstrates that we are at the start of Bush's impeachment.
It also reveals that the Americans are coming over here to pick up the issue with Blair.
The parliamentary group tring to impeach Blair needs to be restimulated.
I will write to my MP again.
Todays news has it that he is gaining momentum in his bid to be the new leader of the conservative party.

"Liberty Belle Log
June 17, 2005
The GOP is running scared. When Congressman John Conyers, ranking minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, announced plans to hold hearings on the damning allegations raised in the Downing Street Minutes, Republican leaders refused to provide a hearing room in the Capitol.
Under pressure, the GOP leadership ultimately condescended to allow Conyers to hold his hearings yesterday in the Capitol basement—in a room so small that it would hold only 20 people, including media members. But the GOP’s dictatorial cover-up tactics have failed to suppress the truth.
Witness after witness presented compelling evidence that President Bush and his administration intentionally deceived Congress and the American people into supporting a war on Iraq. An Associated Press story on the hearings included this salient quote from Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY): “Was the president of the United States a fool or a knave?”
Following the hearing, Conyers led a boisterous crowd in a march to the White House gates, where he delivered a petition signed by 122 Congressional cosponsors and over half a million citizens demanding a formal inquiry with subpoena powers. A White House staffer was eventually dispatched to accept it; in a further show of arrogance, Bush has thus far refused to acknowledge the petition. If the President has nothing to hide, why doesn’t he welcome an inquiry to clear his name? Instead, his administration is stonewalling in a fashion remarkably reminiscent of Richard Nixon in the throes of Watergate.
Perhaps the admission of “Deep Throat” to his role in aiding Woodward and Bernstein helped inspire the British informant who leaked the Downing Street Minutes to the London Times. Now, more damning documents have emerged—all confirming allegations that our President lied to start a war.
At last, the mainstream media has realized that the genie is out of the bottle. No longer able to ignore the Downing Street Memo, every major TV network covered the Conyers hearings. Editorials condemning the President, including some openly discussing impeachment, have appeared in major newspapers across the country and are now filtering into even smaller community publications. The Wisconsin Democratic Party passed a resolution urging Congress to impeach Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.
How compelling is the truth? An MSNBC poll, run in conjunction with a story on the Conyers hearing, asked if the President misled the nation in order to go to war with Iraq. Astoundingly, 94% replied “Yes.”
There’s more good news. Several Republicans in Congress have called for withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Some, citing the President’s deceptions in the lead-up to war, now say that they would have voted against authorizing the war if they’d known the truth. Key Republicans this week also called for closure of Guantanamo. Several GOP members also joined with Democrats to amend the Patriot Act, removing one of the worst provisions. Whether honest Republican officials are finally coming to their senses, or merely jumping off a sinking ship of state, we cannot fathom. But the Downing Street Minutes have become the political equivalent of an immovable iceberg—making Bush’s poll ratings sink faster than the Titanic.
What is Conyers planning next? Liberty Belle has the inside scoop. According to a very reliable source, this tireless patriot will soon be traveling to England—where he plans to compile more evidence to corroborate allegations raised in the Downing Street Minutes, further implicating the Bush administration in illegal and unconscionable acts.
For those of you too young to remember Watergate, it began with a small story on a second-rate burglary. At a recent press gathering, CBS correspondent Dan Rather revealed how the Nixon White House pressured CBS to suppress the story, hoping to confine the damning revelations to the Washington Post. Reportedly, Rather grew teary-eyed as he compared the Watergate story to current events—and implored an audience of journalists last week to tell America the truth.
Thankfully, some journalists in the corporate-owned press appear to have found the courage to take Rather’s advice to heart—as the groundswell of public outrage becomes too great to ignore.
-- Liberty Belle"