Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bush is spinning the earth backwards

"Documents released by a watchdog group, the Government Accountability Project, show that as chief of staff for the White House council on environmental quality, Philip Cooney watered down government scientific papers on climate change and played up uncertainties in the scientific literature. Mr Cooney is a law graduate and has no scientific training."

We know now that the Iraq invasion was the result of putting a false spin on our feeble intelligence.
Now it has been shown that the world's climate has been changed to fit in with Mr Bush's version of reality.

Bush/Cheney know all about peak oil and all about climate change. That is the only credible reason why they are doing everything to expand the military at a time when their is no real opposition to them. They will invade anywhere and everywhere to keep the resources flowing to America at the expense of the rest of us here on this planet.

Why else send an ambassador to the UN whose main goal is to destroy it.

Come on somebody out there, give me another explanation.