Sunday, June 26, 2005

t r u t h o u t - How 'Britain's Deep Throat' Leaked the Memos

The truth keeps seeping out on the conspiracy to deveive the public and start an iilegal war of aggression in Iraq.

The line taken by the Today Programme when it surfaced here again the other day was that we should not be backward looking.
It was Minges Cambpell who was drawn onto the programme again.
The Tories, it seems can only gaze at their navels.

My MP, David Cameron, has promised to raise it in Parliament. So far I have heard nothing more from him.

" Last week one US blogger, Larisa Alexandrovna of, unearthed more unsettling evidence. It was an overlooked interview with Lieutenant-General T Michael Moseley, the allied air commander in Iraq, in which he appears to admit that the 'spikes of activity' were part of a covert air war.

From June 2002 until March 20, when the ground war began, the allies flew 21,736 sorties over southern Iraq, attacking 349 carefully selected targets. The attacks, Moseley said, 'laid the foundations' for the invasion, allowing allied commanders to begin the ground war.

The bloggers may have found their own smoking gun."