Wednesday, June 08, 2005

POWER - An independent inquiry into Britain's democracy

I have become a Power ambassador.
I am organising a meeting in Oxfordshire to get feedback on what is wrong with democracy locally and what we can do about it.

More later.

POWER - An independent inquiry into Britain's democracy: "
The POWER Inquiry has been set up to explore how political participation and involvement can be increased and deepened in Britain. It is based on the primary belief that a healthy democracy requires the active participation of its citizens.
Since the historically unprecedented decline in turnout in 2001 many political organisations have put considerable effort into analysing the roots of voter abstention and the current state of political engagement in the UK. This widely shared concern over declining electoral turnout is our starting point for a broader investigation into the health of the connections between the public and the political process.
The Inquiry aims to understand why the decline in popular participation and involvement in formal politics has occurred and to provide concrete and innovative proposals to reverse the trend."