Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Justice is not so much blind as dumb in Blunkett's case.

Telegraph | News | Blunkett, the blonde and a spat with Humphrys:

Blunkett is off womanising again it seems. It is another example of parenting and respect from the Blair Government.

Blunkett is threatening heavy pursuit of men who fail to take responsibility for their children. (Blunkett himself, by contrast, was wanting to take over responsibility for children who were not his own nor the product of his marraige, on the basis of his adultery with the wife. Would we have to stone him under sharia law, or just the wife?)

Blunkett promised that if men did not offer what was due then he would take "more than what is due."

That would be just wouln't it, Mr Blunkett?


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