Friday, September 23, 2005

Basra Protesters Condemn British

Basra Protesters Condemn British: "BAGHDAD, Sept. 21 -- Hundreds of residents and police officers filled the streets in the southern city of Basra on Wednesday, shouting and pumping their fists to condemn British forces for raiding a jail and freeing two of their commandos two days earlier.

Iraqi police had arrested the Britons on Monday for allegedly shooting at police and planting explosive devices. British troops then broke the men out of jail by ramming an armored vehicle through a wall. In response, Basra residents and police revolted, attacking British forces in the area."

My last commenter raises the issue of western powers prodding terrorists into action.

Too right. There was an unholy alliance of neo-con Christians and Islamic Binladenistas in the effort to drive Russia out of Afghanistan.
My friend points at this American report that The SAS were setting off bombs in Basra and blowing up the police there. Not entirely surprising the Iraqis were upset.
Not a word of that in the British media.

But why are british soldiers destabilising Basra?

Answers please?