Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Church of England Bishops Criticize US Over Foreign Policy and War on Terror

"A group of Church of England bishops issued a report today criticising American foreign policy, the US war on terror and some American Christians' use of biblical texts to support a political agenda in the Middle East, and accuses the US of using illegitimate and dangerous rhetoric."

Good for the Christians!
Well, maybe not. The media spend a lot of time these days exploring Islam and its more extreme interpretations.

It is good that the official positions of the Churches of England and Rome condemn Blair and Bush for their wars of aggression.

But scratch a bit further and you find that the Christians are no more united than the Islamists.

Robin Cook felt he was blocked from progression in the Blair cabinet for: you guessed it, not being a Christian.

A new popular movement of Christians is in the news today for their attack on our culture, in the form of an aclaimed modern opera.

An opera spokesperson put out an appeal on the Today Programme asking for them to promise to stop issuing death threats. A fatwah by any other name!

Can anything stop the crusade of these new Christian soldiers; except an army of Muslims, perhaps.

Come on you humanists, we need you now.


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