Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Richard Nixon of Downing Street | the Daily Mail

The Richard Nixon of Downing Street | the Daily Mail: "Caught red-handed, up to his neck in slush funds and sleaze, the Richard Nixon of Downing Street attempts to distance himself from the cash for honours scandal by presenting himself - risibly - as the champion of reform.

The gall of Tony Blair knows no bounds. Suddenly, the Prime Minister who so ruthlessly exploits loopholes in the rules to secure secret loans for the Labour party claims to have seen the light."

Jack Dromie has maybe started the assassination process with Blair.

The Daily Mail rejoices.

But with so many ministers in the same fog of war world where truth is an utter stranger, what does it matter.?

Suddenly, the man who moves heaven and earth to obtain peerages for wealthy cronies, despite the objections of the Lords Appointments Commission, wants to take politics out of the honours system."


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