Tuesday, March 21, 2006

(DV) Nichols: Radiation in Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs

(DV) Nichols: Radiation in Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs

I cannot confirm the content of this link. It beggars belief. Even the most severe commentators I have read to not come near this figure. From the research I have read even a tiny fraction of the DU mentioned here would be enough to render Iraq uninhabitable for the forseeable future after a few years of dust spread.

I do not know if we are in the last days of Blairy England. I want to finish with this blog. I can no longer stomach writing about this Government which has gone beyond all contempt.

On the Today Programme day after day the ministers who dare to speak tell stories that even young children could see are grotesque twistings of any kind of truth.

and the future........

Mr Brown plans to start army cadets in schools.

So from Blairy England we progress to Brownshirt England, run by Scots on behalf of Americans.

It is probably what the country deserves. Re-electing this Government was a criminal act in itself. It sanctioned this war of aggression.


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